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"Train Your Best Friend the Best Way "

Basic Obedience - Why Train?

Why train your dog? Besides the obvious advantage of having your dog learn good manners and proper behavior, basic obedience training has other benefits. Working with your dog in a consistent manner and on a regular basis improves communication and greatly increases the bond between you and your pet. Any dog can live with you -- a well-trained dog can be a true companion. With appropriate manners, your dog can accompany you many places.

Why train in a class? Your dog needs to learn that good behavior applies everywhere he goes, even when there are distractions (such as other dogs, other people) as well as in his own familiar surroundings. He needs to learn that the outside world is a fun place to be, nothing to be defensive about. When your dog has learned good behavior in all situations you can take him with you and enjoy his company many places, not just at home.

And why are experienced instructors important? Oakhurst Obedience instructors practice what they preach, taking their dogs to trials and other dog-friendly events, trusting that their dogs will behave appropriately. Instructors who have “been there, done that” can offer methods that work with the dog’s natural instincts, resulting in a happier relationship between dog and owner. Many times they can also identify possible future problems and help you to prevent them -- always easier than correcting them after they occur.